Bids Gigs provides Entertainment Services for the music industry's back-end.

 Bids Gigs was designed for 3 reasons

  • To help connect Promoters/Venues/Artists with the elements necessary to put on a successful event.
  • Provide more paying job opportunities to every element involved in these successful events that the Promoters/Venues/Artists put on.
  • To become the music industry's top Entertainment Services Provider!

Bids Gigs works hand in hand with iKON Radio's "The Loco Rundown" to bring you the inner and outer workings of a proper and sucessful event.
Bids Gigs: Every facet of what it takes to generate a successful event will be at your finger tips from our Rolodex of stage hands that run the events. To the many Promoters / Venues / Artists that are constantly needed for every event.

Loco Rundown: A music site where Promoters / Venues / Artists events can be properly promoted and advertised.